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  1. A sense of humor.
  2. A great deal of patience and flexibility.
  3. An open mind, ready to give and receive.
  4. Remember you are coming to a different country. Do not expect things to be done, or run, "LIKE BACK HOME" or "IN MY COUNTRY".
  5. Take into consideration that every culture, or group of people, has its own way to understand life and the world surrounding it, such as defferences in feelings, emotions, beliefs and values.


  • Contact lens solution.
  • For women tampons, panty, liners (available here but expensive).
  • Avon, Skin softener & Insect repelent (available here but expensive).
  • Knapsack (for week end, available here but expensive).
  • Suntan lotion-screen (available here but expensive).
  • Sun glasses.
  • Novels to read / exchange.
  • Bath towels/ beach towels.
  • Short wave radio, tape recorder player (available here but expensive).


  • Light weight cotton, things easy to launder.
  • Fasionable sportsware.
  • For women, one or two dresser for especial occasions.
  • No dinner or sports jackets needed for men.
  • Sandals, thongs & running shoes.
  • Bathing suit.
  • Cotton seater or jacket for rainy or cool weather (when in the mountains).
  • Two or three long sleeve shirts/blouses.
  • Rain boots/rubber overshoes (no available here for women).
  • Knaki pants/skirts & white short leeve shirts/blouses for teacher's uniforms (these can be purchased or made inexpensively here but will need some to begin work).